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We set up an outstanding and motivated team fully tailored to your challenge.

On Demand Counsel

  • Experts of great technical quality and authentic knowledge of the sector.
  • Complement your legal solutions with a highly specialized and experienced lawyer.
  • Need for an expert in a specific niche not covered internally.

M&A Deals

  • Tier 1 team in the Spanish market, experts in complex M&A transactions with efficient and flexible structures.
  • We have the best solution to face complex operations with tight budgets, with a top of the market standard.

Flexible Counsel

  • Configuration of customized teams of lawyers in an agile and adaptable way.
  • Outsourcing the right expertise to align with your business needs.
  • Perfect for variable work peaks and urgent outsourcing needs.


  • Designing the best lawyer or team of experts for specific compliance, data protection, ESG plan, contractual review or complex litigation projects.
  • First class senior experts dedicated to each project from start to finish.

Legal Operations

  • Analysis and diagnosis of the operational maturity of the legal department, design of an action plan and support in its implementation.
  • Advice on the design of efficient and digital processes and workflows to create the legal department of the future.

Tech Solutions

  • We work with our clients to understand their problems and advise them in the choice of the most appropriate technology or in its design and development.
  • Search for the best technological solution for each of your challenges.

Our practice areas

Administrativo — Bancario y Financiero — Inmobiliario y Urbanismo — Competencia — Laboral — Compliance
Procesal y Arbitraje — Mercantil — Concursal — Fiscal
Propiedad Intelectual e Industrial — Protección de Datos y Nuevas Tecnologías
Consumer - Education - Energy - Renewable energy - Entertainment - Funds - Infrastructure - Real estate - Logistics and transportation - Environmental - Healthcare - Financial services - Start up - Technology
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