Leveraging innovation for change. Ambar has become the most technologically advanced firm in the legal sector in Spain.

Present from start to finish

Technology helps us peel back the layers of the superfluous to focus on what is truly important.

Human value

Technological efficiency

The importance of technology at Ambar

La tecnología es parte de nuestro ADN, es un pilar más de nuestro modelo. Con ella, conseguimos la excelencia en nuestra operativa.


We detect inefficiencies in operational processes through in-depth analysis based on metrics and data. We implement technological solutions which help execute and resolve automatable tasks by eliminating bottlenecks. We manage to minimise response times and maximise the value we provide.


We simplify and streamline processes to provide the greatest value.


We respond to the needs of clients and lawyers thanks to our multidisciplinary team that combines in-depth knowledge of the sector with technical excellence. We create specific solutions designed and implemented according to the requirements and demands of the legal arena.


We develop tailor-made technological tools for the sector.


We design flexible solutions by integrating technology at all operational levels. Thus, we achieve intelligent and fully monitored systems that allow us to scale them and make them resistant to changes in volumes and demands.


We define elastic processes that adapt to different scenarios.


We identify future needs and anticipate them by creating innovative technological solutions. We propose continuous change guided by constant learning and research the latest trends to develop new products and services.


We use cutting-edge technologies to build innovative solutions.

Technology is embedded in our DNA, it is a pillar of our business model. With it, we achieve excellence in our operations.

Technologies we leverage

Machine learning — Smart contracts — Data analytics — Predictive modelling — Artificial intelligence — Process automation — Recommendation algorithms

What makes us unique

Development of our technology

We are a product laboratory. We have a specialised in-house team of professional engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians.