A passion for doing things right

We take care of every single detail in everything we do, and we are driven by a sincere purpose to contribute to a conscious innovation in the legal sector

We are Ambar

Our mission

Democratize access to top legal talent and corporate clients with sophisticated legal needs.
Rosa Espín y Manuel Deó - Ambar Partners

We were born to transform the legal sector in a more sustainable and efficient way. We offer superior solutions based on advanced technology. We make a difference by always acting according to these three principles:


From our hearts

Every day we pour our heart and sould into what we do. We're fully aware of the profound impact that our actions have on the lives around us. Discover Rosa and Manuel's vision in this interview
with Forbes.

We are present in the major markets worldwide.

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What they say about us...

"Ambar is the best business transformation project".

La Razón/ November 2020

"Ambar removes all incentives for inefficiency".

El País / February 2020

"Experience and quality with controlled costs".

Lawyerpress/ April 2020

"A new way of practising law for those who want to regain control of their time".

Cinco Días / September 2020


An honest transformation of the conscience of our organisations.


Ambar is the most technological firm in the legal sector in Spain. Developing our technology.