Our business is built around a sustainable model that is unique in the legal sector, honestly transforming the conscience of our organisations.

Conscious purpose. Real commitment.

We analyse our annual carbon footprint both directly and indirectly and aim to reduce it every year. We calculate the CO2 emissions we produce in each project and plant a tree to offset those emissions. We have built an environment designed to save energy and make the best use of sunlight. We work with like-minded partners whose business is based on leaving minimal environmental impact. We train and raise awareness among our team, partners and clients so that they integrate our values into their daily lives.

Corporate carbon footprint

Creating awareness and sensitivity. Our actions are genuine, we demonstrate them with pride.

We are members of the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate social responsibility initiative. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility should be integrated into all of the firm's strategies, processes and services.

Corporate carbon footprint

We calculate Ambar's direct and indirect greenhouse gas footprint compared to a traditional law firm.

77% less consumption

24 tonnes compared to 107 tonnes for a traditional firm.


Less electricity consumption


Less paper


Less employee travel

The Ambar forest

One of the most efficient ways to tackle climate change is to plant trees. We calculate the CO2 emissions we produce in each project and plant trees equivalent to the carbon footprint generated by each of those projects

We have created the Ambar corporate forest

Each of our projects has a zero impact. Our clients receive a certificate and the exact location of each tree that, thanks to them, brings life to the forest.

Discover the geolocation of our forest.

Sustainable environment

A tailor-made office to generate impact. Substantial savings for our working environment, where every detail counts.


Both the location and the design of the office were carefully chosen to make the best use of sunlight. We use 100% green energy certified by Aldro.


We are the first Spanish firm to go paperless, managing all our information and documentation digitally.

Flexible business model

Our business model is designed to allow our partners to work remotely. Internally we are also committed to this type of policy.

Vendors with a soul

Strength through unity, that's why we only collaborate with suppliers who share our values and seek to make a real impact.


We use recycled materials to manufacture our bottles and bring water to parts of the world that need it.


Thanks to them we give life to our corporate material with their ecological chamomile seed paper.


They help us calculate our environmental performance including our carbon footprint.

Café de Finca

They distribute and connect with local producers in other countries to bring us the most sustainable coffee.


To offset our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint, we plant trees in our corporate forest.


They contribute through their ethical commitment to improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

The world is changing

Steps to start becoming a more sustainable company

Analyse your environment and its elements

Identify 1 or 2 elements with which you can start to find a sustainable alternative and start to generate this habit in your working environment.

Choose your associates wisely

Collaborate with companies which share your values and seek to generate a positive change and impact on our planet.

Avoid high electricity consumption

Assess and adapt your systems to others that consume less energy. Encourage your team's habits to reduce consumption. Take advantage of natural daylight.

Educate, train and raise awareness

Foster among team members ethical and responsible behaviour which generates less environmental impact. Transparency policy.

Analyse your carbon footprint

Measure, analyse and take action to steadily reduce your company's carbon footprint. Use companies to help you with the calculation and possible solutions.

Our mantra

Teaching to care for the environment is teaching to value life.